INCREASED MILEAGE Enerburn helps to increase mileage between 8-15% with an average of 10% mileage efficiency improvement. REDUCED ENGINE WEAR Enerburn is proven to reduce engine wear by 40 – 50% when the catalytic combustion accelerator is used regularly INCREASED HORSEPOWER Engines using EnerBurn catalytic combustion accelerator exhibit up to a 4% increase in overall horsepower. Engines using EnerBurn catalytic combustion accelerator exhibit up to a 4% increase in overall horsepower. INCREASED HORSEPOWER LOWER HIGHWAY SMOKE
Enerburn is a green solution proven to lower highway smoke from 25–60% and reduces NOx emissions by 10%


What Is EnerBurn®?

EnerBurn® is a fuel borne combustion accelerator. As fuel catalyst it reduces engine wear 40-50% while increasing horsepower up to 4%. EnerBurn® also employs patent-pending methodology to optimize treatment dosages and monitor selected fleets and applications to quantify the benefits.


How Can EnerBurn Help?

If you are fighting with regenerations issues with your DPF filters there is a simple solution. The EnerBurn® catalyst, once added to your diesel fuel, will allow your diesel engine to burn fuel more completely and will reduce soot production in the combustion chamber  by 60% plus. This will allow your DPF filters to work better and longer without any regeneration problems.


How Can EnerBurn Improve Our Bottom Line?

In addition this technology lowers the burn temperature of carbon (soot) from 1090F to 720 F. This means your DPF filters will automatically regenerate as the the filter was designed to do. Your DPF filter will clean itself on the go and keep your truck in the field and out of the dealership for filter service. This product will save you money. Enerburn is the most trusted brand for diesel combustion.


DISCLAIMER: 1 oz treats 20 gallons of Fuel. DO NOT OVERTREAT. EnerBurn typically takes 4 fully treated tanks before you start to see results as the product needs time to build up its molecular coating in your engine.

Enerburn®: The Highest Quality Fuel Combustion Catalyst!






See how EnerBurn® Catalyst performs in various applications.

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  • Diesel Fuel Consumption Test
  • Gas Emission Reduction
  • NOx Production

Rock Crusher Gen-Set Test

Diesel Fuel Consumption Test

Rail Locomotive Test

Diesel Fuel Consumption Test
Rail Locomotive Test Enerburn Catalyst

NOx Production In Diesel Engines

NOx Production
NOx-Production In Diesel Engines

Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Engine Test

Gas Emission Reduction

Tow Boat Test

Diesel Fuel Consumption Test

Interested in testing EnerBurn™ on your application. Give us a call and schedule testing. 


Time and time again the facts point to how much more superior EnerBurn® is over other products that claim to increase performance and reduce emissions. Unlike additives, Enerburn® is a diesel fuel catalyst that actually changes the molecular structure of affected parts improving their ability to more efficiently burn diesel at lower temperatures and increase engine performance.

Reduced Engine Wear & Tear 0
Increased Mileage0
Reduced NOx Emissions0
Increased Horse Power0
Reduced Highway Smoke
(Upper End)
Reduced Highway Smoke
(Lower End)
First Tank Performance
Second Tank Performance
Third Tank Performance

Independent Studies…

show that EnerBurn® is a superior product for diesel engine operators in all applications. EnerBurn® has repeatedly exceeded the expectations of users by providing a real catalyst that coats the engine wall to increase the ability of the engine to more effectively burn fuel at lower temperatures. This combination does several things including save on fuel cost, DPF filtration replacement, improved performance and more. Unlike additives, EnerBurn is a catalyst that creates a physical and chemical change to the environment where combustion occurs.