About Enerburn Catalyst

Enerburn Catalyst for Diesel Efficiency


EnerBurn is a catalyst for diesel fuel that conditions the surfaces of the combustion chamber by coating the chamber and doubling the rate of combustion. By increasing the pressure on the crank angle more rapidly, Enerburn catalyst allows the diesel engine operate with improved horsepower at lower fuel consumption rates with engine temperatures lowered between 40º and 44º Fahrenheit. This increased efficiency equates to lower operating costs in all diesel applications.

A natural byproduct of using Enerburn catalyst is improved performance. In addition to a more complete combustion, lowered operating temperature and overall pressure, Enerburn catalyst reduces the levels of diesel exhaust, specifically the unburned carbon being released back in to the oil in the form of soot particulates. This results in lower maintenance costs in filtration reconditioning.

Increases Mileage 8-15%0
Lowers Highway Smoke 25-60%0
Reduced NOx Emissions0
Reduces Engine Wear 40-50%0

Enerburn Catalyst

Enerburn catalyst diesel-specific combustion promoters and Application Technology is registered under the name of EnerBurn®. The product was commercialized by Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P. In January 2001, the technology was purchased from Exxon/Nalco and EnerBurn was born and perfected. Enerburn catalyst has been primarily used in on and off road vehicles, construction, mining, locomotives, and diesel marine engines as well as boilers.