Brazil Power Consortium Completes Diesel Catalyst Evaluation

06 May Brazil Power Consortium Completes Diesel Catalyst Evaluation

Brazil Power Consortium Completes Diesel Catalyst Evaluation

EnerBurn Systems Achieves Five Percent Fuel Savings

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EnerTeck (OTCBB:ETCK) today announced the completion of an extensive product performance evaluation of EnerBurn, the company’s diesel fuel catalytic combustion accelerator and complementary injection technology.  “The final report showed five percent (plus or minus one percent) improvements in fuel consumption,” said Luis Castro, Managing Director of Proenco Brasil Ltda., the principal investigator that conducted the evaluation in partnership with EnerTeck.  Funding for the study was provided by Breitener Energetica SA, as part of an R&D Project on Energy Efficiency approved by the Brazilian National Electric Energy Agency.  The 17-week test resulted in significant fuel savings with far-reaching potential to benefit the hundreds of small utility companies that produce electricity in the interior northern region of Brazil using diesel-consuming Gensets.

Measured on Cummins Diesel Power Generator Model 690DFHA engines, the project was implemented by independent, third-party testing company Janelle Engineering using methods consistent with EPA rules (40 CFR Part 89) for steady-state testing of diesel engines rated at 750 hp (560 kW) or greater.  The results achieved with the EnerBurn system are expected to reduce emissions and deliver fuel economy improvements for the utilities and their customers.

“The successful evaluation supports Brazil’s expanding program for rural electrification using a network of thermal power plants, and a market that includes back-up power installations for the more extensive hydroelectric power grid servicing cities and large towns,” said EnerTeck distributor Jane Gates.  “Qualified technologies must not only achieve significant consumption reductions under rigorously controlled conditions, but also must be capable of rapid scale-up for ease of commercialization in Brazil.  EnerBurn meets and exceeds these requirements.”

With rising diesel prices and increasing global regulatory pressure to reduce consumption and emissions, EnerBurn is emerging as a viable solution for power producers using diesel Gensets, as well as industrial companies, governments and military users who must meet rising compliance and cost-savings thresholds,” said Dwaine Reese, EnerTeck CEO.  “This successful evaluation, along with concurrent performance assessments taking place around the world, is another important mark of progress for EnerTeck.”

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