EnerBurn for the Construction Industry

Enerburn for Construction ApplicationsEnerBurn is a trusted brand in the construction industry for equipment that runs on diesel. Time and time again, EnerBurn has proven its effectiveness in the field on heavy equipment by lowering operating costs through fuel efficiency and less down time for repairs associated with filtration.

For on-road vehicles Enerburn has been proven to increases efficiency up to 9-12%. When tested in heavy duty generators, Enerburn showed improvements between 11-15%. It is easy to see why Enerburn is used widely by the construction industry.


With growing concerns over the impact of exhaust emissions, regulatory agency have imposed greater sanctions on businesses using equipment that emits environmentally harmful particulates into the air. For many construction companies the cost to retrofit their equipment to reduce vehicle emissions can be somewhat prohibitive. While newer equipment comes stock with these kind of systems to help eliminate emissions, the cost of maintenance to these systems can be quite expensive. To combat the cost of operations business owners are looking into alternative solutions. For the construction industry, this solution is Enerburn.


Enerburn not only reduces emissions of harmful NOx into the environment, but it also improves engine performance while lowering the cost of particulate regeneration in exhaust systems. For the price, no other engine solution works as effectively as Enerburn Catalyst in improving fuel efficiency and lowering operational costs for fuel and engine maintenance. For construction companies that want to do their part in curbing the impact of emissions on the environment while taking steps to drastically improve their bottom line, Enerburn Fuel Catalyst is the best solution.