Enerburn Millennials

Enerburn Millennials

13 Mar Enerburn Millennials

Enerburn Millennials

Enerburn MillennialsThe world is rapidly changing and the Millennial Generation is rapidly becoming more and more influential in various markets including the maritime shipping industry. With more and more Millennial’s entering the work force and taking on challenging decision making roles, they bring with them a sensitivity to environmental factors while striving to look for more “green” solutions. Balancing environmental issues with the need for increased revenues at lower costs can be quite challenging.

As technologies arise to meet the growing demands, sensible solutions are highly coveted. Many Millennials are turning to tech and science to bring about changes without breaking the bank. With regard to shipping, the issue has and continues to be centered around the cost of fuel and harmful emissions. And while there are several products on the market that tout their ability to lower fuel costs and emissions, much of what is out there is “snake-oil” cleverly wrapped up in marketing. Often times products are purchased with the intent of making sweeping changes, only to discover that these products do little, if anything to reduce fuel costs and emissions.

Enerburn is a solution aimed at environmentally conscious Millennials. Unlike many of the “additives” that are on the market that make bold claims, Enerburn is a catalyst with concise documentation and proven tests that meet and exceed their claims for fuel efficiency and environmentally sound results.

As more and more Millennials enter markets as decision makers for various industries, a part of their roles wearing the mantle of corporate leadership will be due diligence in discovery of products and solutions that will lower costs while engendering a sense of corporate sustainability. Enerburn welcomes these rising stars to consider the proof that Enerburn brings to the table. Enerburn encourages real solutions to problems surrounding fuel efficiency and works diligently to provide the essential documentation and testing that will result in sound decisions as to which solutions are effective and bring the greater value to various industries where fuel consumption is essential.

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