Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will using EnerBurn® damage my engine or its components?

A: Once fully conditioned, EnerBurn® lowers the operating temperature of your engines and by doing so will increase the useful life of not only your engine but its components as well. EnerBurn® has passed a “Fit for Use” test run by CAD Railways, a lab specializing in diesel engines for railroads.

Q: What can I expect for fuel efficiency improvement?

A: In Marine applications we have consistently proven an 8-10% improvement in fuel consumption, in on-road vehicles it increases to a range of 9-12%. We have also tested EnerBurn® in heavy duty generators showing improvements between 11-15%.

Q: How does EnerBurn® improve my emissions profile?

A: EnerBurn® promotes a more complete combustion in your engine. This minimizes the soot in the exhaust stroke thereby reducing the emittants allowed into the exhaust stream.

Q: How do I implement the EnerBurn® technology?

A: Using EnerBurn® is an easy process to implement. In singular applications, single on-board chemical injection equipment is installed. For bulk fueling, one bulk chemical injection system is installed in your fueling locations. Once you begin delivering EnerBurn® via the fuel, there is nothing further to do. All our bulk injection systems come enabled with telemetry. This allows both EnerTeck and the customer to monitor chemical usage, treatment rates, fuel inflows (can help the customer spot fuel theft) and temperature.

Q: Any additive I've tried doesn't work, why should EnerBurn®?

A: For starters, EnerBurn® is NOT an additive, it is a catalyst, it is commonly mistaken for an additive since we deliver the catalyst to the engine via the fuel delivery system. Additives SHOULD work immediately, EnerBurn® is a catalyst and it requires a conditioning period so the engine can become fully conditioned. Once the conditioning period is nearing its end, the performance benfits begin to appear and will remain as long as EnerBurn® is delivered to the engine. If you stop treating the engine its performance will revert back to its prior, less efficient state.

Q: When will I start to realize the savings from using the EnerBurn® Catalyst?

A: It will vary by engine size and application but in general the conditioning period is approximately 400-500 hours of operation. After that period the benefits the product offers will begin to emerge and will continue as long as the engine remains treated.

Q: How does the PEx (Particulate Extraction) technology work?

A: PEx works by volumetrically expanding and contracting the exhaust gases while at the same time dramatically increasing and reducing their speed through the system. This process allows the particulates to drop out of the stream and into our collection system.