Jan de Nul Testing Enerburn

03 Nov Jan de Nul Testing Enerburn

Jan de Nul Testing Enerburn

Renowned as One of World’s Largest Marine Engineering and Dredging Fleets, Jan de Nul Is Evaluating Fuel-Saving, Emissions-Reduction Technology Utilizing Enerburn Diesel Fuel Catalyst.


Jan de Nul Testing EnerburnIn a recent article from Business Wire a new announcement from Jan de Nun Group in Luxenbourg, and is renowned as the worlds largest marine engineering and dredging fleet, has released their experience and evaluation of EnerBurn, the most effective diesel fuel catalyst on the market.


“Jan de Nul is an industry leader that operates a fleet of more than 70 large dredging vessels that burn large amounts of marine diesel,” said Sean Routledge, CEO of EnerGreen Technologies Pty Ltd., an Australian-based distributor of EnerBurn with operations in Europe and South America. “With this test, we’re expecting to achieve a 5- to 10-percent reduction in fuel consumption resulting in dramatic cost savings and emission reductions for Jan de Nul, which in turn will open up demand for the EnerBurn technology in markets around the world. The EnerGreen Technologies Europe team, led by Mr. Luc Hennion, has been working closely over the last six months with Jan de Nul to fit out the Taccola to be able to carry out a quality evaluation, and the initial treatment with EnerBurn was started early this month.”



While we have seen a reduction in the cost of fuel around the globe and with it more affordable fuel, many companies like Jan de Nul are looking to curb fuel costs and improve efficiency across the board. This sound approach to corporate sustainability is the hallmark of serious businesses that are concerned with environment as much as they are the bottom line. With Enerburn, they enjoy both!  Enerburn has been proven effective in a number of applications including: the trucking industry, marine, oil & gas, and construction.


The science behind Enerburn is fascinating. In layman terms, Enerburn is a diesel fuel catalyst that effectively lowers the temperature at which diesel fuel burns. When this happens the fuel burns more efficiently with less waste and exhaust. By virtue of improved fuel consumption, diesel engines using Enerburn, tend to operate more efficiently with improved horse power and lower emissions. This also is a critical factor in reducing the need of cleaning or replacing DPF filters in diesel exhaust systems.


With over 70 large dredging vessels, Jan de Nul stands to benefit immensely from utilizing Enerburn. The shear volume of diesel fuel consumed by this company and others like it require owners to seek ways to operate more and more efficiently. Companies like Jan de Nul, who have been in business since 1938, and are involved in dredging, land reclamation, environmental remediation and other marine projects, understand that progress and profitability are centered around maximizing fuel efficiency. Our hopes are that the testing goes well with Jan de Nul and that we will earn a new proud user of Enerburn for years to come.


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