Enerburn For Marine Applications


Enerburn Marine ApplicationsWith the growing number of large yachts, with auxiliary and propulsion engines, and limited applications for marine applications for harbor crafts such as tugs, ferries, pilot boats and inland vessels like barges and excursion boats the need for adequate DPF solutions is ever-present. Enerburn works to improve the overall performance of diesel engines and increasing the life-span of engines by burning the diesel more efficiently at lower temperatures. Enerburn coats the surface of the engines in marine applications through a catalytic process to accomplish this molecular improvement.


Wherever Enerburn is employed in marine applications users consistently see up to a 10% improvement in their fuel consumption. When you calculate this into your fuel costs alone you quickly realize the benefit of using Enerburn for your marine applications as an effective way to improve your bottom line.


Enerburn test results show improvements in engine performance, engine efficiency, lower cost in particulate regeneration, and lower fuel consumption costs. Next to crew costs, one of the greatest maritime expenses incurred by shipping companies is fuel consumption and engine maintenance. Using Enerburn catalyst for your marine applications can have the single most positive effect on your fuel cost and engine maintenance costs.


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