Oil & Gas

EnerBurn for the Oil & Gas Industry

Enerburn for Oil and Gas IndustryAnywhere diesel engines are used, EnerBurn can be deployed to improve fuel efficiency, engine longevity, and increased performance. For the oil and gas industry EnerBurn can be an effective solution to lower costs when used for fleet operations, production facilities, and anywhere diesel engines are used.


Diesel engines are used in the oil and gas industry because of their efficiency. On oil rigs the most common engines are 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. Oil rigs replaced the need for stationary engines and operate using different kinds of fuels; however, diesel fuel is the most common. Because of the efficiency that diesel fuel provides it is used in drilling applications, well servicing applications, production operations, and other oil and gas applications. Diesel fuel has an average of 24% more energy per gallon than gasoline fuel and is more dense than gasoline which equates to more power at lower quantities.


Using Enerburn for your oil and gas industry applications is an effective way to lower cost and improve performance of your diesel engines while lowering emissions. Since diesel powered equipment and vehicles produce nearly half of the nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the environment and upwards of two-thirds of all of the particulate matter (PM) from exhaust, having a solution to lower emission outputs is becoming more and more critical.  According to the EPA and IRAC, diesel exhaust is being classified as a potential human carcinogen.


With increased attention around the hazards of diesel exhaust, tighter regulations have been placed on the oil and gas industry with regard to their emissions. Savvy business owners are being proactive in their response by appealing to the “green” movement and improving their stances on environmental accountability. Enerburn catalyst is a solution that is beneficial at not only reducing harmful emissions but effectively improving the efficiency of diesel operations and lowering the rising costs of fuel consumption. Enerburn truly is a win-win solution for both the industry and the environment.