Rail Locomotive Test

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Rail Locomotive Test

The use of Enerburn diesel born catalyst reduced fuel consumption at “Notch 3” engine load by 9.5% (+/- 1%). Fuel consumption was measured as Brake Specific Feul Consumption (BSFC) in units of lb/hp-hr. “Notch 4” corresponds to 40% powered, 60% idle. The Correlation Coefficient (R²) for entire test range, Notch 1 – 8, was 0.962.

Locomotive Engine Manufactuer & HP

Caterpillar 3512 DITA, 1400 HP

Railroad Company Name

Major US Seaport

Test Conditions

Rail Locomotive Load Box

Test Period

April 2000

Test Engineering Company:

Boise Locomotive Division of Motive Power

Client Company Testimonial (Y/N)?

5-year client relationship


September 24, 2014


Diesel Fuel Consumption Test