DPF Regeneration for trucking industryIt is common knowledge that all engines emit pollutants into the air we breath. These pollutants have become the center focus of many legislators to the point that all 2007 and newer diesel engines are fitted with a special filter called a DPF filter or Diesel Particulate Filter. This filter is comprised of a matrix of composites that trap particulates (soot) and prevents these contaminants from exiting the exhaust.


The problem is that the particulates eventually build up to the point that they create back pressure that is overwhelming to the exhaust system and must be regenerated or cleaned. There are two primary ways in which this DPF regeneration takes place; either by passive DPF regeneration or active DPF regeneration.

With passive DPF regeneration precious metal coated substrates heat the normal exhaust flow to trigger regeneration but still need to be serviced annually. Active regenerations accomplished by changing the parameters in the engine to increase the temperature to effectively clean the particulates from the DPF


Retrofitting for passive regeneration, or modifying systems for active systems can be as costly as replacing systems entirely.


With EnerBurn DPF regeneration is a simple solution. Simply add the EnerBurn catalyst to your diesel fuel and watch your fuel burn more completely and efficiently. Test result show that this better burn from EnerBurn results in a major reduction in soot production reducing particulates by 60% and better. Learn more about what an Enerburn Diesel Engine looks like